Nuggets: Words of Life

Feels like forever and I honestly wonder what I have left to say. It’s taking pretty much all my gumption to sit down and write even for five minutes right now. My creativity feels anemic–unless of course you’re talking about coming up with creative ways to use every household nick-nack or tool as a safe and entertaining toy for a one year old.

But I have five minutes and I’m desperate to revive what I feel may die if I don’t use it. A few thoughts from my Scripture reading today.

In Genesis 27, sneaky Jacob and his mother conspired to steal Esau’s blessing from their dying father, Isaac. I’ve often wondered why Isaac didn’t simply unsay what he’d said. I’m mean, couldn’t he just say, “Oops, I made a mistake. That’s not what I meant to do. Let me retract those words!” We do it all the time in our modern world: “I didn’t mean to say that!”

But words have power. Words stick. First words, last words, unintentional words–they all have power. Isaac told Easu, “That blessing must stand.”

What I say today stands. I cannot take it back, unsay something or cover it up with an, “I didn’t mean that.” I can speak life and blessing and hope into my husband and daughter and those I meet, or I can damage their hearts with unkindness.

Father, give me words of life. Put a guard over my mouth and let me speak only those things which you would say.

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